Current Status of the F-14

First I'd like to apologize for those who have been patient and waiting for this model. I have been progressing slowly with it since the last update.
Currently all of the major molds are completed. The fuselage, wing panels, flaps, tail section, exhaust nozzles, over wing fairings and many other component molds have been completed. We have reached a stage where the first flying prototype's parts are being built. Currently we have the horizontal stabs, nose cone and exhaust nozzles completed. The vertical stabilizers and rudders are next up to be completed with the wings and flaps shortly after.
Sport Scale landing gear are also being sourced from a manufacturer and we hope to have those in our hands by Mid fall 2013. Once those are near to being in our possession we will begin the layup of the prototype fuselage.

Due to the complexity of this model and the amount of testing involved, progress has been slow at best. I have been working on many aspects of the model and have finally come down to what I believe will be the best F-14 Tomcat in many ways. I fully plan to do a full stress testing analysis of actual parts before the prototypes first flight. These parts will be tested in as near to actual conditions as they will be used, we will not implement anything in the testing that won't be in place in the model. What I mean by this, is the wings will be attached to their respective pivoting brackets and fuselage carry-through spar and loaded till they fail. Our goal is to provide a model that will be able to be loaded to 12+ G's without failure of any portion of the wing mechanism!

The horizontal stabilators pivot point has been designed and positioned to meet the AMA LMA criteria for horizontal stabilizer pivot point locations.

If you would like to assist in any way with the project, We are currently seeking some assistance in obtaining machined components and monetarily. Any contributions to this project by future customers will be rewarded with a discount of 103% of your contribution on the price of a kit.
Please use the Contact Us link to provide us your Full name, telephone number and email address to reserve your spot in line. Watch progress video's of the project at:

Current Progress Photos: