• Length: 110"
  • Wingspan: 110.5"
  • Weight: 40-55+lbs
  • Power: 28-36lb thrusts x 2
  • Radio: Min. 11 servo's
  • Controls: Flaps, Rudder, Elevators, Steering, Spoilers, Leading Edge Slats(optional), Speed brake(optional)

Construction Overview

Each airframe is constructed from high quality fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar fabris. We laminate carbon fiber in high stress area's such as the landing gear, wing pivot box and stab mounting bulkhead areas. The Carbon fiber helps distribute the loads from these high stress area's to the rest of the airframe resulting in a longer lasting airframe. The Landing Gear doors and surrounding area's are also fully molded with carbon fiber to provide strong gear doors that will not warp or flex. Premolded "flanges" are integrated into each part that requires them. The Wing pivot system is is designed and manufactured to be the strongest part of the kit. It is Made from machined aluminum components and molded carbon fiber parts as well. The wing is designed to hold its incidence through-out its entire sweep range from 20* to 68* with a unique system of bearings and without the use of "tracks" like other companies use.

The pivot mechanism is a very simple system using a pair of feedback actuators. The wings are able to be positioned at any sweep point in their operating range via your Rc transmitter. The fuselage bulkheads are a variety of carbon laminated parts to provide the most strength at the lowest weight. All critical fuselage bulkheads are Pre-installed, as well as the Fuselage Box spar for the wing pivot system. The wing panels utilize a generous amount of carbon fiber and other composite material to transmit the flight loads into the fuselage and provide you with the safest airframe possible. The horizontal stabilizer pivots are solid titanium and are captured in a machined aluminum and steel pull/pull control arm and integrated servo mount all in one. The vertical stabilizers are attached via a 1/2" solid carbon fiber rod spar via a pre-installed carbon tube installed in the vertical fins and fuselage.

The owner has the choice of deciding how scale they want to make their particular F-14. You can go all the way with a "full house" assortment of flight controls with Scale 4 panel spoilers, leading edge slaps (additional cost), 3 piece speed brakes, Flaps, Full depth cockpit, Lighting system, armament package and an External Detail package; Or you can equip it with the bare necessities and have a lightweight great flying tomcat. All critical parts are factory installed while in the molds.

Kit Contents:

Basic Kit:

  • All molded Composite airframe with crystal clear canopy
  • Sport-Scale Retractable Landing gear
  • Trim aircraft wheels and brakes
  • Wing sweep actuator system
  • Two Horizontal stabilize pivot and servo mount assembly
  • Basic flight controls including Flaps and spoilers
  • Molded Fiberglass Fuel cells

Basic Plus Kit:

  • Basic Kit Plus
  • Glennis Wheels and Brakes
  • Leading Edge Slats
  • Molded Kevlar Fuel Cells

Pro Package:

  • Basic Plus kit
  • Wing Incidence Pre-Set
  • Installed and tested wing sweep actuators
  • Installed stabilizer pivot system

Standard Kit Components: